The Punk Rock Workshops will resume this spring!

About Punk Rock Accordion
Are you an aspiring accordionist who can’t seem to find the local scene, the scene that avoids your uncle wearing leiderhosen while he plays Lady of Spain? Thankfully, there’s a place where you can learn to play your music in a friendly group setting: the ongoing Punk Rock Accordion Workshop.

Even the most beginningist beginner will be able to walk away knowing how to play the basic melody and chords from the day’s song, and you’ll get sheet music to help you practice and to keep you off the street. If you don’t have an instrument, you can borrow one. If you don’t read, don’t worry: most teaching in class is by ear.
Those of you completely new to the accordion are invited to get to the workshop half an hour ahead of time for a special newbie session where youxll get an introduction to the accordion. These sessions happen before every workshop at no additional cost.

More advanced beginners and beginning intermediaters will get a more in-depth arrangement that teaches new skills. And since so many intermediate students request help with the bass side, extra work there is a feature of every class.

The Punk Rock Workshop was featured in the East Bay Express in April, 2005. Read the article here.

The Punk Rock Accordion Workshops began with a few brave souls in May 2004 at Smythes' Accordion Center. Since then, these workshops have become community for more and more people new to the accordion who want to venture into unexplored repertoire on the instrument.

Cost: $15 for class instruction + $5 for both versions of the sheet music. Sheet music used in the workshop is sampled on the Contemporary Music page.

Where to Find the Punk Rock Workshop:

Mama Buzz Café, downtown Oakland
2318 Telegraph Ave @23rd
7 - 8:30 P.M.
Newbie session begins at 6:30
Every other Tuesday
View map here