SuperGirl Math 3: Meditative Doubling

doubling 1

We began with a continuation from our last lesson: “What is the highest number that you can name, can write, and would know how to count up to?” When we left off that highest number was 12, 999. After another fifteen minutes of new answers and discussion, in which I kept responding, “…And what would be one higher than that number?” they rested at a new summit, 99,999. After that, the abyss.

We also reviewed number circles from last lesson. We used the number circle to chant the 2’s times tables.

doubling 2

doubling 2.5

Then we moved to today’s lesson. The scroll suspended from the ceiling shows the pattern of doubled numbers:

1 , 2
2 , 4
3 , 6

19 , 38
20 , 40

We noticed various patterns in the chart, and talked about how you could use those patterns to try to predict, “What would be double 14?” etc.

You may be wondering what is an accordion doing there. I wanted to give them a calm, even serene experience of doubling. So I played a calming Phillip Glass piece as I questioned and they answered on beat, “18?” (beat 2 .. beat 3 .. beat 4..) “36” …. I had asked the girls to bring meditation cushions. Some took it quite seriously and chanted their doublings with upright posture.

Then break. After break, we observed doubling through folding newspapers, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.

doubling 3

When they returned to our room, the scroll had been changed. It had been taken down and a new one put in its place, but this one was blank on both sides. They were surprised. We ended with a final doubling practice with only the blank scroll to focus their attention. The very last problem, accompanied by the Glass, was “0?” (beat 2 .. beat 3 .. beat 4..) “0.”

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